Ladies homegame vs Wageningen & Gents game vs Kannibalz

March 11, 2019

Yesterday, the 10th of March was another day for Phoenix to show what it has in store.

The day was kicked off by the men’s team who went to Amersfoort to defend their undefeated status in the second division. The game against Keizerstad Kannibalz Lacrosse ended up being a tough one and both teams seemed evenly matched. Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 4-4. In the last quarter Phoenix managed to score two goals however and ended the match with a 6-4 win! Thank you Kanibalz for the amazing game!

The ladies’ team were going to be make sure to finish it strong as well. They played a home game against the Wageningen Warriors Lacrosse. Even though the heavy rain and wind left their hands numb, the ladies couldn’t be bothered and started the game in full strength. This led them to an early lead which they did not plan on giving up. And while the snow was coming down, the ladies finished the game with an amazing score of 21-4! 

To end the day, some member decided to celebrate the successful day by dining in the city and grab a drink at a local bar.