Friendly game vs Münster Mohawks: prepping for promotion game

June 4, 2019

Last Sunday the 2nd of June, our friends from the Münster Mohawks gentlemen came to Enschede on a steaming 30 ℃ day to help us prepare for the promotion game! In the beginning of the season we already played against each other once and it was a lot of fun.

The Münster Boys were able to build up a lead of 5: 1 in the first half thanks to the newly joined player Shiraz Habib and Captain Attack Jonas Nienau. We exchanged our goalkeepers during halftime, both players from Enschede: Urney Alberts and Rutger Laging Tobias Brok. The last quarter was held defensively by the Mohawks. Unfortunately, even with the two quick goals from our boys in the end, Münster still won with a close 8: 7.

Following the game, the friendship between the teams was sealed again during a barbecue.