Promotion Men to First Division

June 12, 2019

Once again, the gentlemen’s team made history in the lacrosse world. On July the 9th of 2019 we played our promotion game vs Groningen Gladiators. Read about our thrilling game below..

It was an extremely close game. The first quarter started well, we ended with a 1-5 lead, but the second quarter the Gladiators made a comeback and we ended the first half tied with a score of 5-5. In the second half, the Gladiators took the lead and scored where we made it a tie again and so forth. Eventually we got the lead with a 11-12 score but in the last few minutes Groningen scored. This meant overtime! Phoenix didn’t hesitate and scored immediately from the face off with a fast break which resulted in the first promotion of a gentlemens team after four seasons!!
The team was constantly supported by a massive group of supporters who never stopped cheering, thank you all for coming!
We look forward to playing against the best teams of the Netherlands next season and show everyone what we have got!