Gameday 24th of November

December 3, 2019

The 24th of November was quite a busy day for Phoenix.

The D2 guys had their first home game ever. Even though the final score turned out to be 6 – 0 for Wageningen Warriors Lacrosse, the guys fought hard and played awesome.
Sadly, one player of Wageningen had an accident on the field and was left with an injury. Best wishes from Phoenix, we hope he will get better soon!

St. Ashes

The D1 guys had their last match for this year in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, they were beaten by Domstad Devils – Utrecht Lacrosse, but went home having learned a lot.

Lady Phoenix traveled to Wageningen to play against Delftse Studenten Lacrosse Vereniging. Even though they were motivated they didn’t score as much as liked in the first half, but luckily, got their mojo back in the second half. The day turned out to be quite successful with a winning score of 17 – 0 for Lady Phoenix.

Lady Phoenix

At the end of the day, Phoenix came together to prepare for the hibernation of the winter break.

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