About Us

History of Phoenix

Phoenix started in 2004 as a group of friends who either saw Lacrosse on TV or heard about it from time to time. They had a huge interest in trying it out themselves. Since no association existed in Twente at the time, they started playing lacrosse casually in parks with themselves. The group kept growing and in 2006 Phoenix officially became an association. Phoenix practiced at the sports field at the Eschemarke. Their first entry into the Dutch lacrosse competition was in 2011-2012, where the Phoenix men joined forces with the Zwolle Wolves. After this season the Zwolle Wolves discontinued and Phoenix also struggled with low membership numbers herself. Therefore, the board at the time decided to move towards the campus of the University of Twente in 2014. The next season (2015-2016) Phoenix saw a surge of growth and grew to 40 members. In the same season, Phoenix had both a men’s and women’s team playing the national competition. In season 2017-2018 Phoenix officially became a student sports association and joined the Union Card. Currently, Phoenix is a lively student sports association at the university which offers more than just lacrosse


Phoenix currently has two men’s and one women’s team playing in the national competition. The first men’s team is in the first division, and the second men’s team is a combined team with Utrecht and Amersfoort currently in the second division. They both have their sights set on improving their game and becoming champions in their respective divisions. The women’s team is currently playing in the second division and is fighting to be at the top of the division by the end of the year.


While the main focus of Phoenix is playing Lacrosse, we organize a lot of fun activities for members and non-members as well. Phoenix has a lot of fun committees such as an event committee, christmas committee, and clothing committee. These committees are responsible for organizing regular activities such as barbeques, pub quizzes, Christmas dinners, and galas.


Outside of the regular competition, the teams of Phoenix join in international tournaments as well, often teaming up with other associations in the Netherlands. For the last couple of years, Phoenix has been joining the Kieler Lax Meeting in Kiel together with the Groningen Gladiators, a tournament in Munster and the Lowlands Lacrosse Tournament in Amsterdam. These tournaments offer a great lacrosse experience together with awesome parties.