Family Member Perks

Thanks to connections with multiple companies and the External Affairs Committee all Phoenix Family Members have access to a couple of perks. Some of these perks offer discounts on purchases on partnered websites. Others give Phoenix an affiliation cashback by ordering through the links below, without adding extra cost to your purchase.

Affiliate websites


Using the Sponsorkliks link, you make the same online purchase you were going to do anyway. You will not pay extra while Phoenix gets some money. And know, it can also be your friends and family who support Phoenix with their next order.

Just be sure to click this link before checking out: You can also reach this link easier by downloading the Sponsorkliks app for your phone.




Thanks to our collaboration with Hockeypoint we have the opportunity to offer you a 5% discount on all clothing and accessories. The 5% discount can be applied on the checkout page with promo code ‘LACROSSE5‘.
Next to this amazing year-round discount, we have also received the offer to place a bulk order on shoes. When ordering shoes in bulk we are able to receive a discount ranging from 10% to 35% off, depending on the number of shoes ordered.