Kick-In 2020

Even though the Kick-In is going to be different this year, Phoenix will again show off their ins and outs during the Kick-In in August of 2020 on the University of Twente! Come and see what Phoenix may mean to your student life!

Excited to hold a lacrosse stick for the first time? Then the best way to find us is on the opening market and on the sports day. Look for orange dressed lacrosse fanatics and they will certainly show you the ropes and answer all your questions.

Do you want to get to know the Phoenix family and culture better? If you are a prospective psychology or mechanical engineering student, you are in luck! As we have a do-group in these studies. What is a do-group? Read all about it and more on the official Kick-In website (link).

Are you not a student of these studies or not a student at all? Don’t be distressed! As we welcome you and anyone else during our intro-practices throughout September. Read all about the welcome practices on our Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t need convincing? How to become a member?