Using the Sponsorkliks link, you make the same online purchase you were going to do anyway. You will not pay extra while Phoenix gets some money. And know, it can also be your friends and family who support Phoenix with their next order.

Just be sure to click this link before checking out: https://www.sponsorkliks.com/products/shops.php?club=9867 You can also reach this link easier by downloading the Sponsorkliks app for your phone.

What is Sponsorkliks?

Sponsorkliks is a third-party, offering small associations a percentage of any order with their partnered companies. Your order amount will remain the same, only this time Phoenix receives a portion of the money. Thus the companies are offering an indirect discount, basically giving Phoenix a part of their profit for promotion.

A quick example: Let’s say as a group of 10 we have a game watching night over an easy weekend and we want Thuisbezorgd. Everyone spends about €7. Sponsorkliks offers 4% (!!!) commission for Phoenix on every order. Using the Phoenix Sponsorkliks link, your game night contributes €2,80. Quick maths.

Sounds nice? So what companies are willing to give us commissions? For the full list click here to see all the companies. Highlighted companies with high potential and that wow factor:

Notable companiesUnexpected companies
Under Armourfotogeschenken.nl
Media Marktkunstgrasdirect.nl
bol.comPlopsaland tickets
WehkampLexa dating subscription
Perry SportParship offers €25 per new member
T-mobile and other contracts

How does Sponsorkliks work?

First off, Sponsorkliks works only with online orders. So you cannot work with Sponsorkliks in the physical stores (You could still order what you see in the store online as well).  The important thing is to remember to enter the online store through Sponsorkliks before checking out. Don’t worry if you only remember halfway through, the webstore remembers your shopping cart.

But I will forget.. I am sure of it. There are several ways you can let yourself be reminded.

  1. Download the Sponsorkliks app in your appstore for easy access and a list of the companies. Also, you can get notified by the contributions of the team when they use Sponsorkliks. Already €2,04 is earned with three different Thuisbezorgd orders.
  2. Be in the Sponsorkliks mailing system: click on this page on the big ‘aanmelden’ button and be reminded monthly of the overview how much money we made together. Example of the monthly transaction –> here
  3. As soon as the website is up and running again, there will be a big banner. You can use that as your fast link.
  4. Go all out and set it as your homepage of your browser.

What else does Sponsorkliks do for us?

With the mailing preferences, you can opt-in for the secret 24h discounts that pop-up in emails, like a 20% discount to Superdry or 12% off Thuisbezorgd. Get discount and support Phoenix for FREE.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to come up to the board or an EAcom member.