The Teams

Men’s first team

The Phoenix men 1 have been playing since season 2015/2016 and have steadily grown in the second division. Under the guidance of Andris van der Voort, the team started off their career with almost a full team of new players. A year later, Ercüment Unsurorlu took the reigns and the team grew into a serious competitor in the second division. The next season, Phoenix came in reach of the championship for the first time. This became reality the next season, they were undefeated champions in the second division. After a backlash from a global pandemic and the leaving of some star players, they decided to continue their fight in the second division. With great success as last year, they were once again champions. Currently, the first Phoenix men 1 are fighting in the first division. Showing them how to fight is coach Wilco Mulder, who has experience coaching in Leeuwarden.

Men’s second team

The Phoenix men 2 has been started this season (2022/2023). With the huge inflow of players, Phoenix Men received this season. The team is a combination team of Enschede, Utrecht and Amersfoort. There are multiple more experienced members who are guiding the newer players in an attempt to get to the top of their division. The Phoenix players within this team still train together with the other Phoenix men. They have the leadership of Rik Helder to help them reach the top.

Women’s team

The Phoenix women have been playing since season 2015/2016. Starting off with a team of mostly newbies, they grew fast within the third division under the guidance of Maya Thomson. This resulted in becoming second in the division the next season. In the season of 2017/2018, they joined the second division. Because of the large difference between the divisions, they got placed back in the third division. In the third division, they gained experience and eventually got promoted to the second division again. They are currently fighting for a top-three placement in this division.